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2 Broke Girls Tg: Max and Caroline
Max and Caroline had finished packing for their two week vacation. They had helped some random gypsy woman yesterday fight ack against some of the local assholes. She thanked them profusely before giving them two surprise tickets to an all expenses paid vacation in Hawaii. Caroline had originally said no as they needed to work to grow their cupcake business, but the mysterious gypsy woman said that she could take care of that.
“But how?” asked Caroline. Max just took her over to the side and said “Shut up. We are getting a free vacation and she says we won’t lose money over the two weeks. She’s probably a mobster’s wife or something. Let’s just take the break while we can.”
Both girls left to pack, forgetting to tell their boss about their surprise trip. Right before they left, Max wrote a note in case anyone came by and left happily, both girls flipping their sunglasses down. As they boarded their flight, the gypsy woman added a special
:iconcharoset:charoset 139 4
How I Met Your Mother Tg: Lily and Robin
Ted and Marshal had snuck into Barney’s apartment to see what was in the hidden room. They had first noticed it while looking at Barney’s suit collection a year ago, back in 2010. They had made guesses on what could be in there. A map to the Burger place, a lab that breeds cockamouses, even a signed copy of the original, unedited star wars. They had both snuck into the apartment while Barney was working, they were about to enter when a nearby phone rang. Ted picked it up and heard a woman on the other end.
“Are you ready for this weekend baby? I’ve never done it with an astronaut before.”
“Yeah, listen this guy here might not be the best person to go out with. Also you should probably reflect on your life a little. I mean you believed some random guy is a spaceman” said Ted before hanging up the phone. Marshal asked why he had picked it up, but Ted just said, “I couldn’t let some innocent, slightly less intelligent girl get suckered
:iconcharoset:charoset 113 9
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Breaking Bad Tg: Jane Margolis :iconcharoset:charoset 26 3


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Paul was not a happy camper. Literally. He had just been dropped off by his parents to “Camp Fun.” He was almost 17 years old and did not want to be here. Apparently his parents must think he is still 10 because no one his age would be caught dead at this place.

It was about 30 miles upstate in the middle of the woods. His parents had found it online. It was supposed to teach good lessons and fun to all the campers that came. A quick Google search by Paul showed him that it was mostly 10-13 year olds at the camp. His parents didn't listen to his protests and sent him anyway.

He watched his parents drive away as Paul stood in front of the main cabin, the “lodge.” He walked inside and saw a woman standing by a desk, she had a clipboard and noticed him come in. She walked over to him, and smiled.

“Hi, I'm Stacy. I'm the head of the counselors.” She said smiling too much at Paul.

“Um hi, is this where I'm supposed to be?” Paul asked her.

“You must be Paul!” She said excitedly. She looked down at her clipboard. She looked back up at him, then frowned. “Hmm, I don't see you on the camper list.”

Paul didn't know what was happening. He was signed up. His parents signed him up months ago. A bright light appeared, maybe he wasn't signed up! Maybe he would get to go home!

Stacy looked back up and smiled. “Oh I know where you're supposed to be!” She said, taking his hand and leading him to a back room. “Here, come with me.”

She led Paul to a small room in the back of the lodge. It had metal walls, and no way out. No windows, nothing. Paul found the room odd.  In the middle of throw was a stack of clothes. A very short pair of shorts that Paul remembered seeing people wearing around camp. And a white t shirt that even looked small.

Stacy let go of his hand and stood by the door. “Okay, this is where you go.” She said, stepping back towards the door. “Pop those clothes on too.”

“Wait!” Paul said. “What is this?” He started to put on the clothes. The shorts were very short, almost up to his bulge. While the white shirt was almost to short for his abdomen.

“Oh don't worry honey, everything will be corrected. I didn't see you on the camper list, but we know where to put you.”  She said, smiling once more before closing the door.

Paul heard a locking sound and realized she had locked him into the room. He tried the handle to find it locked. Suddenly, the light in the room shut off, leaving Paul in complete darkness. Paul couldn’t see a thing. He almost ran into one of the walls when suddenly the room was blanketed in light. A pink light illuminated the room from above. Paul lifted his hand up to shield the bright light when he caught something odd about his hand.

Using the pink light to see, Paul watched his fingernails start to get longer. They grew long and manicured. Paul brought his other hand up and watched as they did the same. Suddenly, Paul was wracked with a massive jolt of pain that shot throughout his body. He cried out, grasping his abdomen as wave after wave of pain rolled over him.

That's when Paul felt a lurch below his pants. He looked down in horror to see he had an erection. With a massive sucking feeling, Paul watched as his erection sucked away. He watched as a camel toe came into being in the tight red shorts he was wearing. His testicles  sucked upwards and split off to form two new ovaries. Paul screamed in horror, he had a pussy! Why was this happening?

He rushed to the door. Banging on it, praying someone would open it, but a pulsating in his rear end made him look back in horror. Before his eyes, his ass ballooned outwards. They filled the already tight shorts, his ass cheeks becoming large and round. His shorts were so short, that a little bit of his ass cheeks popped out of the bottom. Each pulse his ass grew bigger. Paul couldn’t believe it, he was turning into a woman!

“Please! Anybody!” Paul shouted in agony. “This is unreal, it can't be…” He stopped, hearing his voice suddenly rise in pitch. Crying out, Paul heard his voice change completely to that of a woman's!

With a crunching, Paul felt his stomach constrict inwards. He looked down to see his abdomen suck in, almost becoming unrealistically small. His white shirt clung to his now curvy stomach as a slight six pack burned into place. His sides crushed inwards, giving him a lean and curvy stomach. That's when his hips, popped out to the sides. They grew wide and full, accentuating his nice ass and small abdomen.  With a crack, Paul felt his spine curve in, pushing his chest out.

Paul looked down in horror when he saw his nipples become hard under the white shirt. With a massive arching of his back and moan of pleasure and agony, pearl felt breasts blossom on his chest. They grew bigger and bigger, rounding with the white shirt. They stressed it so much, a stretch mark appeared between each round and supple breast. Paul felt them stop and a round and perky C cup. He grasped one, still in shock. He now had the complete lower body of a woman!

With his thoughts down below, Paul didn't notice his brown hair starting to grow longer. It felt like itching on his scalp as his hair grew long and full, down to his chest. With a pop, Paul felt his nose snap, it grew smaller, more button sized as his jawline receded painfully. He moaned in pain as his cheekbones rose upwards. His eyes shit tight as they changed to a bright blue. His lips puffed outwards, growing full and large.

With a final womanly moan of pain and pleasure, the pink light shut off and the regular light came back on. Paul looked down at himself. He was now a woman, and meant woman. He looked to have actually aged in the transformation. He bet he was now at least 18 or 20. The door opened and Stacy walked in, smiling.

“Oh you look perfect!” She said.

Paul leapt at her, but she side stepped him and put a syringe into his arm, pumping him with a pink liquid. Paul felt it course through him. It shot straight to his brain as Paul cried out, grasping his skull as his mind was warped and changed. He had one last thought of how he never even wanted to go to camp before Paul was no more.

The new counselor stood up and looked at Stacy, smiling.

“Oh yes. You will be a perfect addition to our counseling staff.” Stacy said. She produced from a small table outside the door a thong and handed it to the new counselor. “Here put this on instead of those shorts. And this tank top.” She gave her a white tank top that was only big enough  to cover her breasts.

“Also, you need a name.” Stacy said. “I think we will call you Jenny.”

Jenny smiled at this. “Yes, that will be great!” She said in an air headed voice. “Let's go have so,e summer camp fun!” And she left the room.

Stacy smiled once more.  “There, I knew we would find a place for Paul.”
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NOTE: This story is a standalone and has nothing to do with my previous Harry Potter TG’s. It is set between the events of the 5th and 6th books.

Harry Potter was walking down to the great hall one evening when he spotted Neville Longbottom at the bottom of the grand staircase looking confused. He walked up to him to see what was the matter and could tell that Neville was scared.

“Hey Neville, what's wrong?” Harry asked him.

“Oh hey Harry, I was just looking for my wand again. I always lose it.” Neville told him. “And Professor Snape told me if I lost it again he was going to give me detention for a month.”

Harry smiled to himself. Neville was always losing stuff, he was the most aloof person Harry had ever met. He promised Neville he would help him find it.

“Okay Neville, where was the last place you remember seeing or using your wand?” Harry asked him. Neville thought about it for a moment and then responded.

“I think I remember seeing it in the Room of Requirement. I was in there practicing and then I can't remember.” Neville said dejectedly.

“Okay, we'll go to the great hall, if Snape sees you, tell him you left it in the common room. I will go get your wand.” And with that Harry headed back upstairs.

The entrance to the Room of Requirement appeared to Harry and he stepped inside. The room was filled with all manner of items. It looked like an antique collectors dream. He made his way through the junk, looking for nevilles wand. He didn't see it after fifteen minutes of searching and was just about to head back to the door when he saw a wand.

It was shaped like a wand anyway. He crouched down and saw it stuck under a table. He moved some junk away and pulled it free. He stood up and looked at it. He frowned, it was pink. He had never seen a pink wand before. Come to think of it, he had never seen a colored wand before. He turned it over in his hands, it felt like a usual wand.

He thought he would try it and see if it actually worked.

“Lumos!” Harry said aloud, flicking the wand forward. Suddenly a bright flash of light emitted from the end of the wand. “Hmm” Harry thought. It worked. He looked around one more time and left the room, putting the wand in his pocket.

He returned to the great hall and told Neville the bad news. Neville thanked him and left. Harry looked over and saw Hermione and Ron sitting at their usual table. He sat beside them and told them about his day. He left out the pink wand, not wanting them to see he it until he figured out whose it was. They had dinner and Hermione said she needed to go to the library to study for a test and was dragging Ron along as well as he should study too.

Harry was ready for the test so he figured he would go back to the common room and hang out for a while. They left the great hall, Ron and Hermione headed one way, Harry the other.

He was walking down the hallway towards the common room when he felt a rumble in his stomach. Harry stopped and put a hand to his abdomen, feeling his stomach churn. He wondered aloud what that was. He continued forward when he whole body started to crunch in pain. Harry cried out in agony, he fell forward onto the floor, happy no one was around to see him. He closed his eyes, hoping to dull the pain, but it got worse and worse.

He opened his eyes to a terrifying sight. Harry's hand was shaking. Slowly, his knuckles started to pop and snap. Each snap made his fingers longer, thinner. With a pulling, Harry watched his short finger nails grow long. They grew outwards, pulling at his fingertips. Harry went wide eyed. What was happening to his hands? His palms shrunk down and Harry was left looking at smaller hands with long finger nails. Something was happening to him and he needed to get out of the open. He saw a classroom door to his right and ducked in, shutting the door.

He leaned against it, feeling his body crack and pop. Harry felt very hot, he ripped off his Hogwarts sweater and threw it to he ground. This left Harry in a grey tank top, his suspenders still up around his shoulders holding his pants up. With a better look at his skin, Harry could see he was not so pale anymore. His skin was now tan and smooth. All of his body hair had sucked itself back into his body.

With a sickening snap, Harry looked down to see his stomach constrict in on itself. Harry felt his organs shift and change, growing smaller to adjust to his now smaller abdomen. His stomach sucked inwards, becoming washboard flat. His aides pulled inwards, giving him a curvy and lean stomach. With a jolting, searing pain, Harry looked down to see a six pack slowly pop into place.

He couldn't believe his eyes. What was happening to his stomach? It was much smaller and slimmer. His organs finished changing into smaller ones, rearranging themselves to fit into his now much smaller abdomen. With a double pop that echoed around the cavernous classroom, Harry watched his hips explode out to the sides. His pants grew very tight as his hips became wide and full. Harry could actually feel fat rushing into them as his hips grew wider and wider. That's when Harry noticed what he was changing into.

“Oh my god!” Harry shouted, hearing his voice was already higher. “Why am I becoming a woman?!” Fat rushed into his thighs as they grew thick and full, long and sexy. His jeans showed off the curve of his wide sexy hips, his suspenders straining to hold onto his tighter jeans. His legs grew long and womanly as his feet shrunk down painfully. With a surge of agonizing pain, Harry cried out to see his butt expand.  It felt like someone had grabbed his ass and was pulling it out as each cheek became bigger and more full. It stretched his jeans to their limit as each cheek rounded, giving Harry a perfect heart shaped behind any guy would drool over.

Harry looked down and saw the unmistakable curves of a woman. He looked up to the ceiling in horror, wishing it were a dream. Why was this happening to him? With s pop, his Adam's apple sucked into his neck as it elongated and grinned. Harry heard his groans of pain rise up and become more womanly.

“Please no!” Harry said aloud, putting a womanly hand to his puffing lips. His voice was now completely female. “Oh god! Why is this happening?”

With a sucking, Harry felt his penis slip into his body, his testicles sucked up and converted into new ovaries as his penis converted into the folds of a tight new pussy. She moaned in pleasure as it became wet and new.

Harry looked down and saw the outline of a new camel toe. She went wide eyed at the sight. How was this happening to her? With a snap, Harry's back arched painfully as her shoulders rounded down, her frame shrinking a little bit. Harry watched her arms shrink down, losing mass but staying athletic.

With a pulling, Harry felt her hair start to grow out of her scalp. Harry's black hair grew down her back and became luscious and silky. Before her eyes, Harry's hair changed to a dirty blonde color. That's when Harry felt her chest heave forward. Harry looked down in utter horror and watched as her grey tank top grew tighter and tighter as breasts surged forth on her chest. Her grey tank top rose upwards, revealing her tight and athletic stomach as her breasts kept growing. Her suspenders were pushed to the sides to make room for the two round mounds that were welling up under the shirt. A stretch mark appeared between each breast as Harry was sure the shirt was going to split. But it didn't as her breasts stopped growing at a hefty D cup size.

She reached down and grabbed one, feeling the sensation ripple throughout her body. Harry moaned in ecstasy. She could see her stomach was exposed because of how high up her new tits lifted her shirt and she tried to push it down but had no luck. That's when Harry felt his face snap and pop. She ran to the nearest window and watched her reflection change before her eyes. Harry's nose pop and shrunk down to a button size as her jawline snapped and changed, framing her face better. Her lips had already puffed outwards, giving her kissable and juicy pouty lips. Her cheekbones rose upwards as Harry felt the changes finish.

Harry stood staring at the woman looking back in the reflection. She couldn't believe that it was him staring back. She looked down at herself. She was a knockout. Harry almost fainted at the sight. Why did this happen to him?

She started towards the door when he heard voices coming. She ran to the side of the door so when it opened she would be concealed behind it. The door opened and in walked Ron and Hermione. Harry overheard them as they walked into the middle of the room. Harry could see they had the Maurauders Map with them.

“I don't get it, the map said he should be here. Where can he be?” Hermione said. “I'm worried, Harry is never gone this long.”

“Wait!” Ron said, rushing forward. “Here is his sweater.”

Harry emerged from the door behind them.

“Hi guys” Harry said as Hermione and Ron spun around.

Both of their jaws fell open. They couldn't believe their eyes. Who was this girl standing before them?

“Who are you?” Hermione asked.

Harry tried to smile, but he was to embarrassed. “Hermione, it's me. It's Harry.”

They both stopped cold. They looked at each other. That's when they noticed the lightening bolt scar on her forehead.

“Oh my god! Harry?’ Ron said, looking over the woman's body. “What happened to you?”

Hermione stepped forward, looking her in the eye. She could tell that it was Harry the minute she looked into her eyes.

“I don't know, one minute I was walking down the hallway, the next I felt a massive pain. I ducked into here and changed into this.” Harry said, pointing down to her massive tits and body.

“I gotta say Harry, you are sexy as hell.” Ron said laughing before Hermione hit him.

“Shut it Ron! This is bad!” She said looking at Harry, but she had to admit, Harry was very attractive. “So you have no idea how this happened?”

“None, I have done nothing different!” Harry said in her sexy and sultry new voice. That's when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Amongst her book bag was the pink wand she had found earlier. Only now, it was glowing.

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Nick worked his way through the crowded hallway after school. He was a senior in high school and couldn't wait to be done. He was smart and knew he would get into a good college, but just didn't like the bullshit of high school. The constant popularity contest.

He had friends and was liked well enough,just didn't like it. He was not bad looking either. He was not very muscular,but was not a scrawny little thing either. He had short brown hair, hazel eyes and a medium build. His complexion was fine and he was like able. He just didn't give a damn about going to high school.

One day, Nick was walking home from school because he couldn't afford a car, when he stopped by the local park. Nick loved being in the woods and surrounded by nature, so he stopped here often to just relax and enjoy it.

Today, he sat on a park bench,breathing in the almost summer air when he heard some bushes rattle behind him. Nick turned to see a woman coming out of the woods towards him. He was surprised because she was gorgeous. Brown hair and a body that wouldn't quit. She sat next to him and smiled at him.

“I don't usually do this, but you seem like someone I need to know.” The woman told Nick who was still confused about what was happening. “Would you want to sit with me for a while?”

Nick stammered a bit. “Um, yeah sure.” He didn't know what was happening. This woman wanted to hang out with him? Where did she come from?

They just sat there in silence for a long time. Nick was too nervous to say or start any conversations. He did notice her glancing at him a couple of times, looking him over which he thought odd. Finally after 15 minutes of them just sitting there, she turned to him.

“You seem like a really nice guy.” She said, leaning closer to him. “Which is why this is hard.” Nick didn't know what she was talking about, when suddenly she leapt forward and grabbed him by the shoulders. Nick was alarmed at how incredibly strong she was. He couldn't break her grasp. She looked him in the eyes, almost with a sad expression. Then without hesitation, she put her jaws to his shoulder and bit down. Nick felt her teeth sink into his skin, breaking it. Blood flowed from the bite as she pulled away. She leapt off of Nick as he scampered to put a hand to his shoulder, feeling the bite wound and how deep she bit.

“What the fuck?” Nick shouted, backing away from the woman.

“I'm so sorry!” She said, starting to back towards the trees. “I had to, I had to make another. Once again, I'm so sorry to do this to you, but I had to do it. You need to get away from everyone. Don't be near anyone tonight. Please for the sake of your loved ones, run. There will be a note coming to you tonight, make sure you read it!” And with that she ran back off into the woods, leaving Nick standing here with a bite mark that was slowly fading away on his shoulder.

Nick looked down to see it completely gone. He grasped his shoulder, feeling for it but couldn't find it. Did she really bite him? Maybe she didn't bite him as hard as he thought. He shrugged and grabbed his stuff and headed home in a hurry, eager to get far away from the park.

The got home to a note from his parents telling him they both had a banquet to attend that evening until well into the night. It was a Friday, so Nick didn't care much, gave him time to catch up on some shows he watched.

He shrugged off his backpack onto the floor and went into the kitchen to find something to eat. That's when he felt really odd. Almost as if his body was creaking. He grasped the counter for support as a wave of nausea rolled over him. He breathed in and out to try and get the feeling to go away but he couldn't. That's when he looked and saw a note sitting on the counter. He didn't remember it being there before. He reached out to grab it when he went wide eyed at his hand.

Nick couldn't believe his eyes. His fingernails were growing longer! He reached his hand up and watched as each nails continued to grow long and manicured. With a snap, his fingers started to get smaller as well. Each grew longer and thinner, cracking at each knuckle. He cried out wondering what the hell was gapping to him when he felt a massive snap from his lower half.

Nick looked down to see his hips burst out to the sides. His jeans grew tighter and tighter as his hips grew wider and wider. Fat rushed into them, making him round and full, his belt snapped off and fell to the floor as it couldn't contain his now wide and full hips. Nick didn't know what was happening to him. He rushed up to his room and fell onto his bed in agony, crying out at the snaps and pops coming from his entire body. With a lurch his legs grew longer, leaner. His thighs grew thick and full, straining his jeans even more. Nick reached a slender hand down and ripped his jeans off so he was wearing nothing but his boxers and he screamed din horror at the sight. His legs were now completely womanly.

He cried in fear at what he now knew was happening to him. Why was he becoming a woman? That's when his penis lurched and nick looked down in horror at what he knew is must be.

Nick felt his penis completely suck into his body, then he felt a sickening opening type feeling as he knew what must have had just taken place. He looked down and saw the outline of a camel toe in his boxers. He shit his eyes in horror at the sight. His testicles then sucked upwards violently and split off in his body to reform into ovaries. Estrogen flooded nicks body as it continued to shift and contort.

He shot up quickly and ran into the bathroom, his hips swaying as he ran. He had to adjust as he ran, as his hips now being too wide threw off his balance a little. He reached the sink and looked the mirror and went wide as he saw his lower half. With a violent trust, Nick felt his ass balloon outwards. He turned back and watched as his boxers grew incredibly tight as his ass cheeks grew to a sexy size. Twin dimples appeared above his boxers on his lower back as his ass finished growing into a heart shaped full behind.

He looked back into the mirror trying to blink away what was happening. Hoping it was all just a strange dream but when he looked he saw his eyes were now a bright green. His eyes had changed color. With a double snap, Nick looked down to see his stomach constrict inwards. His stomach sucked in, a six pack burning into place as his sides curved inwards, giving Nick an hourglass look with his wide womanly hips and taut lean stomach.

Nick moaned, and was horrified to hear his voice was now completely female. His Adam's apple sucked inwards as his neck grew thinner. Nick felt his shoulders round down, shrinking his frame, when suddenly Nick was slammed back against the bathroom wall by a force hitting his chest. He looked down in horror at a sight he never thought he would see on his chest.

Nick couldn't believe his eyes as two breasts blossomed on his chest. They grew round and full, stretching his shirt and causing a stretch mark to appear between each. He felt skin touch skin as his shirt pushed the two of them together and Nick let out a soft womanly moan as he felt his nipples rub the shirt. They stopped growing at a loft DD cup size as Nick grabbed the in horror. He squished them, feeling them in his hands and cried out. Why was this happening to him? That's when he remembered the woman in the park. She bit him and told him she had to make another. Then he remembered her saying something about a letter. He went wide eyed as he felt his hair start to lengthen. He remembered the note on the counter in the kitchen.

He rushed out of the bathroom to the kitchen, breasts bouncing with each step. He almost fell over forward due to the now two massive tits he had on his chest. As he ran he could feel his hair getting shaggier and longer, cascading down to his shoulders and growing luscious. He could see that it changed to a dirty blonde color. He made it to the kitchen as his face started to pop and snap. He felt his nose break painfully and shrink down into a cute button shape. He grabbed the letter and looked at it, seeing it was handwritten. He scanned it quick but one word stuck out at him and he dropped the letter to the floor in shock.

He grabbed his face in agony as his jawline snapped and grew smaller, more angular as his cheekbones rose upwards, framing his face nicely. With a pushing, Nick felt his lopes plump outwards, growing full and pouty. His teeth snapped and straightened and grew pearly white. As the shamed finally seemed to slow and the gravity of what was happening to him overtook his mind, Nick could only think of one thing. The word on the paper that made his afraid.

One word: “Succubus”

With a final famine moan of pain and pleasure, Nick felt the transformation end. He leaned back against the counter, panting in agony at what had happened. He looked down at himself, crying out. He was now a woman. He had large round breasts, a tight athletic stomach and wid curvy hips accentuated by a round ass. He grasped his breasts again in horror, hoping it wasn't real, but it was. Then he remembered the word, Succubus. He had heard of that before. They were monsters in old lore, usually women who went out and had sex with men, stealing their souls in the process. Nick didn't want to believe it, but somehow that woman at the park had bitten him, changing him into a woman. Was he a Succubus now?

With a snap of pain, Nick screamed as his mind was rewritten. His very DNA of who he was chum aged completely and a new person took control. The Succubus opened her eyes and looked around. She looked down at her body and looked back, smiling at how gorgeous she was. She would have no trouble getting a man with the body she had. She smiled, happy Nick had given her his body. It was hers now, Nick was no more as the new Succubus left the house, ready to be taken.
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Nick awoke to the sound of his doorbell ringing. He slowly got up and worked his way to the front door of his house, still groggy but awake enough to see through the window on the door that it was the UPS man. He opened it and signed for the package and brought it to the kitchen table. He sat it down and went back upstairs to sleep some more.

Two hours later, Nick awoke and started his daily routine. He took a shower, got dressed and headed to the kitchen to have some coffee. That's when he saw the package on the table and remembered it. He sat down and took the package in his hands looking at it. It was about the size of a loaf of bread and didn't have any return address on it.

Nick shrugged and slowly opened it up, wondering what on earth it could be. He tore off the wrapping and found a small bottle. It had no label, only a pink liquid inside that he had no idea what it could be. He opened he top and sniffed it, smelling nothing that told him what it was. He replaced the top, not stupid enough  to drink something he didn't know what it was. Especially something someone had sent him and not put their return address.

He put it on the cupboard next to the sink and finished his morning stuff, forgetting about the bottle. He drove to work, not really feeling like working that day, but oh well, he needed the money. Nick lived alone in the suburbs and drove to the city each day for his accounting job, not fulfilling, but it was fine. He pulled into the parking garage when his phone rang. He checked the caller ID and saw it was his friend Cody.

He answered it. “What's up? I'm just headed into work.”

“Not much man. Didn't know if you had today off or anything, I'm bored as hell.” Cody said on the other end.

“Well, you could go to work yourself.” Nick said jokingly. Cody had more money than anyone could want, his great uncle left him a massive fortune and Cody would never have to work a day in his life. But it made hanging out fun since he had an unlimited supply of money to do whatever they wanted.

“Yea right, sounds fun.” Cody said laughing. “Hey, mind if I hang at your place today? Mine is too empty for me, I want to be someplace else.”

Nick sighed. “Sure whatever. Just don't break anything or make a mess.”

Nick hung up and went to work. Got home about six that's evening to find Cody asleep on his couch. Nick kicked him waking him up.

“Wake up douche.” Nick said, headed to the kitchen for a beer, he opens he fridge and took a swig, happy to be done with work for the weekend. Cody came into the kitchen and stood next to the counter.

“What do you want to do? Go out?” Cody asked him. Nick didn't really want to, it was a long day at work and he would rather just stay home had play the new Outlast game or something. That's when Cody noticed the bottle of pink liquid on the counter, he picked it up, looking at it contents.

“Someone sent that to me this morning, have no idea what it is.” Nick told Cody, who opened the bottle and before Nick could stop him, poured the contents of the bottle down his throat. Cody swallowed he liquid, smiling at Nick.

“What? It tasted like strawberries. Probably some new company trying to get people to try their drink so they buy more when they release it.” Cody said laughing. Nick turned back to the fridge laughing at his dumb friend. That's when he noticed they were out of beer. He told Cody he would be right back, they had a convenience store right around the corner. He left to go get more beer as Cody went back into the living room, turning on the tv.

Cody then felt a lurch in his pants. He looked down and watched as his bulge disappeared. Wide eyed, Cody reached a hand down his pants to find his penis was much smaller than normal. In his grasp Cody felt his penis completely suck into his body. He cried out in horror and agony as his penis shifted inside of him, tearing and flowering outwards. Between his fingers, Cody felt the folds of a vagina come into being. His testicles shot upwards into his abdomen and he felt a feeling of them changing. They converted into ovaries as Cody pulled his hand from his pants, standing up in shock.

“What the fuck! What is happening? Why do I have a pussy?” He moaned in horror, hearing his voice crack. With a tugging, Cody saw his vision get blurry and reached a hand to his head to feel his hair growing longer. He coiled in his hands, and flowed down to his shoulders, changing from his blonde into a beautiful and luscious brown with dirty blonde highlights. Before he could even fathom this change, Cody screamed in agony as his back arched painfully. His back be the backwards, sticking his ass and chest put in opposite directions.

Simultaneously, his ass and chest expanded outwards. Cody looked back at his rear end to see his jeans grow incredibly tight as his behind grew bigger and rounder. His jeans showed off the curve of each now perfect cheek. Eventually Cody was left with a perky and firm heart shaped ass. Back on his chest, his shirt grew tight as two mounds started to grow. His grey tank top grew tighter and tighter as breasts blossomed on his chest. A stretch mark appeared between each tit as they grew round and full, stopping at a C cup size. Cody grasped them, squeezing to see if they were real and crying out in a higher pitched voice to find they were now his.

With a pop, Cody felt his hips crack wider. They grew very wide and full, as his legs grew longer while his thighs grew thick and womanly. His calves drained of fat as his hips finished growing out, now accentuating his perfect ass even more.

Cody felt his adams apple suck upwards as his voice grew higher, more womanly.

“Why is is happening to me?” Cody cried out in a completely sultry and female voice. “I can't be becoming a woman! Someone help! Nick help me!!” Cody cried out as his fingernails grew longer and more manicured as his hands shrunk down painfully. His shoulders rounded down into a more womanly size as Cody felt his stomach gurgle. He looked down in horror to see his flab suck away quickly. His abdomen became lean and hard, sucking in and growing a slight six pack that was accentuated by his sides sucking inwards, giving him a sexy hourglass figure.

With pops and cracks, Cody felt his face start to change. His eyes grew bigger as his nose shrunk down, becoming a cute button sized. His cheeks rose upwards as his jawline receded into a more angular and beautiful one. With a pulling, Cody felt his lips grow bigger, fuller. His teeth cracked and straightened, becoming pearly white. With a final moan of womanly pain, Cody felt his mind get overtaken as the new woman was complete.

Nick got back to his house and turned his car off. He opened the front door and went into the living room. Cody wasn't there. He better not be eating all my food, Nick thought headed int to the kitchen.

He stopped just outside the kitchen when he heard humming. But what made him stop, was that it sounded like a woman humming. He slowly opened the kitchen door and walked in, stopping at what he saw. A woman was turned away from him, making something on the stove.

“Um hello, what are you doing in my house?” Nick said to the woman.

She turned and Nick gasped. He couldn't believe it. It was Jennifer Aniston. What the the hell was she doing in his house.

“Hey nick, want to have some fun?” Jennifer said to him, smiling.

Nick didn't know what the hell was happening. What was she doing here? “Um, what is going on?”

Jen smiled back at him. “Oh don't worry,this is perfect. We will have all the fun in the world.” She said, pushing her perfect round tits together with her arms.

She smiled at motioned him over. Nick couldn’t believe it, Jennifer Aniston was in his house and now it seemed she wanted to do stuff with him.

He walked towards her. “Where is Cody?” He asked her as he reached her.

She put her arms around him, leaning close. Nick could her feel her tits rubbing against his chest. Her erect nipples tickling him. She whispered in his ear. “He is gone, I'm here now.” And with that, she leaned in and kissed Nick, a jolt of energy shooting through the . Nick was in heaven, she was gorgeous and he was kissing her. Nothing could be better. Deep down in Nick’s DNA, the kiss spread something. Something was now working on nicks DNA” ready to change him as well.

The curse of the WERECELEBS was just getting started.
I have hit 125,000 page views! Thanks everyone! As a bigger thanks, I want to do something special. In the comments, tell me what you would like to see as a special? It can be an old series brought back for more or a new idea. Let me know! Thanks again everyone.


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thansk everyone, and I look forward to what you want. 😀
Also, I have just released a new story, "The Nerdy Girl TG" Hope you enjoy. 


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